ZOOM Video Conferencing

Setup Instructions

Get the Zoom Application

Updated tips & FAQ are below.

Before the Zoom meeting, you'll want to have the Zoom application installed. Go to https://zoom.us/download and selecting the "Zoom Client for Meetings" option for your computer.


Download and install the application to your computer.

If you are on your mobile, you can install this app from the app store by searching "Zoom" or via the download link and scrolling down the page to the mobile apps section. It looks like this on the download page:

Zoom Client for Meeting Computer Download
Zoom Mobile Apps - Apple and Andoid
Zoom App Icon.jpg

Zoom App Icon

Sign up for a Free Account

You can sign up for a Zoom account via the website or within the application you just installed.

With the application on your computer, click on sign in and then the small sign up link in the bottom right corner:

pc app open screen.PNG
pc app signin screen with arrow.PNG

Signing up for a new account on the mobile app is a little bit easier. Simply click on the sign-up button:

Sign Up on Button on Mobile App.jpg

Joining a Meeting

Each meeting will have its own unique link, code, and phone numbers for joining.

  • If using the link, it will open in your application automatically.

  • If using a code, click on the Join a Meeting button and click on the code.

  • If you do not have reliable internet, you can call into the meeting rather than utilizing the application for the video conferencing capabilities.

A Few Tips/Suggestions for Video Conferencing

  • Mute yourself unless needing to speak. This helps prevent noise overload.

  • Do not share your meeting links on public web forums - Facebook is ok if your posts are set to only show to your friends (or selected friend lists).

  • Meetings now have a waiting room for security. The meeting host will let you into the meeting from the waiting room.

  • Turn your video off and mute your audio if you need to step away from the meeting for a moment. Please do not take your mobile device (aka your meeting) to the restroom with you! ;)


Can I get my Zoom meeting on my TV?

Zoom does offer extra software/licensing to do just this, but "Zoom Rooms" are not currently used by Memorial. One option is to Chromecast your mobile device's screen via the Google Home app to your TV. However, keep in mind that your camera and microphone are still operating from your mobile device and NOT the TV.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.