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Tech Team Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the Tech Team!

Every Sunday morning service, we have a team of 4 people helping to make the services happen both in-person and online via the live stream. Signing up with this form does not commit you to the team. Deb Buck will be in touch soon to discuss more.


Each of the "#" positions is a critical role that needs to be filled regularly:


# Soundboard
The sound tech primarily adjusts volumes, mutes, and unmutes microphones during service. He/she does not need to understand the soundboard fully. This position is for anyone 13 years old or older. Basic training is needed and easily available pre-service.

# Presentation Operator (aka Slides Person)
The presenter pays very close attention during the entire service including the sermon message and queues the slide progression. This position is for anyone 13 years old or older. A short training session and a practice run are required before being scheduled. Attendance at band practice before service is strongly preferred.

# Videographer
The videographer works the cameras and the video switcher used for the live stream and archival recordings. Experience is not required. This position is for adults only, and training is required. 

# Social Media Liaison (aka YouTube Person)
The social liaison monitors and engages in online chat during service. The liaison will also be responsible for posting a few short announcements in chat as well as writing down prayer requests (or other information, as it applies) to be passed along to the Pastor at the appropriate points in the service. This position is for adults only. A script is available, and a short training meeting is needed.

* Tech Team Apprentice
This position is for a person who might be interested in learning more about the tech team but is not sure where they'd like to serve. The apprentice's job is one of support - helping the team communicate with each other and with the Pastors or Elders. This position is for anyone 13 years or older.

* Crew Leader

This is a role of encouraging the team and helping everyone stay coordinated. The person serving in this role will typically be serving in another role on the team on Sunday mornings, as well.

* Presentation Creator

Deb Buck creates the service presentations each week. However, we are seeking someone to be able to serve in this role should the need arise. Training and documentation will be provided. If you like creating PowerPoint presentations, then you'll love working with ProPresenter.