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During the stay at home and social distancing era of 2020, the technical arts ministry at Memorial grew quite a bit to enable effective live streaming of our worship services. A few positions have been added to staff this vital ministry:

Crew Leader
This crew leader is primarily in charge of coordinating the tech team. This position is for adults who have previous service with the tech team.

Soundboard Technician
The sound tech primarily adjusts volumes, mutes, and unmutes microphones during service. He/she does not need to understand the soundboard fully. This position is for anyone 13 years old or older. Basic training is required and will be made available via a video lesson and in-person.

Presentation Operator
The presenter pays very close attention during the entire service including the sermon message and queues the slide progression. In a very real way, this person is driving the progress of the entire service and he or she is the most visible person on Sunday mornings. This position is for anyone 15 years old or older. A short training session and a practice run are required before being scheduled. Attendance at band practice before service is strongly preferred.

The videographer works closely with the director controlling the cameras and the video switcher used for the live stream and archival recordings. This position is for adults only, and training is required.

Social Media Liaison
The social liaison monitors and engages in online chat during service. This team member is the voice of Memorial engaging with and encouraging engagement with our online congregation. The liaison will also be responsible for posting a few short announcements in chat as well as writing down prayer requests (or other information, as it applies) to be passed along to the Pastor at the appropriate points in the service. This position is for adults only. A guideline is available, and a short training meeting is strongly preferred.

Support Singer
This position is for someone to be in the loft, near the presentation operator to sing the hymns. Singing the hymns will greatly help the presentation operator keep up with the music - it is VERY hard to hear the congregation singing from that spot in the loft.

Tech Team Apprentice
This position is for a person who may or may not be interested in learning more about the tech team. The apprentice's job is one of support - helping the team communicate with each other and with the Pastors or Elders downstairs. This position is for anyone 13 years or older.


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