Wooden Surface

Sanctuary Refurbishment In Progress

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Before (Dec 2020)

After (Conceptualization)

Removing the Pews

Jan 2021

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Setting up Worship in the Fellowship Hall

Jan 2021


The Big Freeze

Feb 2021

The church experienced two broken pipes due to "the freeze." We are very blessed to have minimal damage in the Welcome Center, and that the only other broken pipe was in the sanctuary. A sanctuary that has no pews to damage, soon-to-be-replaced carpet, and some easily repaired drywall. Thank you, Lord!

This picture shows where the soaked carpet is already removed. The blocks you see on the floor are to protect the bolts for the pews and the workers from injuring themselves on the bolts.


More Updates

Coming Soon

We are accepting contributions to the 75th Anniversary Sanctuary Refurbishment fund. You can select this fund when giving online, or you can write it in the memo of your check written to Memorial Lutheran Church.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!