Mission and Values


We are called by God to "Extend the Community of Christ Wherever We Go!"

We are a community of Christ
  • A community is based on relationships

  • Those relationships are centered on and around Christ


We are called to extend this community...
  • It is extended in our own lives, through God's Word and Sacraments and the mutual encouragement of our brothers and sisters in Christ

  • It is extended in the lives of others through our relationships, through our service in and to the community in which we live


We are called to do this wherever we go!
  • Our mission is lived out wherever God has placed us.  This extends to our homes, workplaces, schools, neighborhoods, and beyond.

  • Our mission calls on us to carry a message, both in word and deed, that touches the heart so that lives might be changed in and through the name of Jesus

  • Our mission challenges us to transform and shape our whole Katy community so that we have community in Christ and a community of Christ.



Anyone and everyone are welcome and wanted here who desire God's truth and grace.


We strive to connect and deepen our relationships Up, In, and Out.

  • Up - Our relationship with God through worship, prayer, God's word, and Sacrament.

  • In - Our relationships with other Christians and the Body of Christ at Memorial.

  • Out - Our relationships with those outside our church walls, especially those who do not know Jesus.



We live out our daily lives as Jesus' disciples and potential leaders in His Church

  • We not only follow the words and teachings of Jesus, but we also follow the ways of Jesus in training people to live out their daily life, first and foremost as disciples, but also as potential leaders amongst God’s people.



We serve the Body of Christ in the Church and the community outside the Church.

  • We take the mission of God seriously in all that we do.  It is woven into the DNA of all of our ministries, it is also lived out by the people of God at Memorial through their individual contexts.  We serve both the Body of Christ within the church, and the people outside our walls in our communities.