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Welcome to Memorial

Memorial Lutheran Church of Katy is a Christ-centered community of disciples that has been serving the Katy area for over 70 years through its Missions, Ministries and Preschool. While our church and school are set amongst the beautiful oaks of Old Katy, we are a people who are actively living out our faith in the subdivisions, schools, businesses and activities that make up our community.  


If it’s your first time, we recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early. That will give you enough time to park, grab some complimentary fresh brewed coffee, and find a seat before the service begins. We begin our worship promptly at both 8:00 & 10:45 am. At the beginning of the service, a pastor will draw your attention to the welcome cards cards found in the pew racks. We would love for you to fill out a card with some basic contact information.  We're not going to spam you, we simply want to further welcome you and contact you during the following week to see if we can be of any help or service to you and your family.  The pastor will also draw your attention to some prayer cards as it is our regular practice to pray for people's needs.

Service Times & Duration

We offer two services at 8:00 am and 10:45 am that usually last about an hour and fifteen minutes.  The services are similar but not identical. They both will include music, prayers, scripture readings, a message for the children, and a sermon.  They are mainly different in style of worship with the 8:00 service being lead by organ and the 10:45 service being led by a modern worship band. 


Memorial Lutheran welcomes everyone just as they are. Some people dress up and others dress very casually. We encourage you to come the way that you feel most comfortable.

During the Service

Each service will have a different theme and core message, but there are a few things you can always expect:

You will receive God's love, truth, and grace.  
  • This happens in the service when the scriptures are read, we listen to God's word preached in the sermon, we receive forgiveness of sins after a silent confession time, and as we celebrate Baptism and take part in the Lord's Supper.

We respond to God's love, truth, and grace.
  • This happens in the service when we praise God through songs and music, pray, meditate and reflect upon God's word, confess our sins to God, and give back to God a portion of what he has already given us.

  • The sermons will be true to what God says in the Bible, focus on Christ, and be relevant for today.

  • As part of our weekly services we do take up an offering. If you are a guest, please do not feel any pressure or obligation to give. This is an act of devotion and generosity for our regular worshipers, allowing them to thank God for all of the great work He is doing in their lives, to learn to trust God more, and to give back to help continue the work of the church.

Children & Youth

If you have children, they’ll LOVE our kids’ and youth ministries. We’ve put a lot of energy into making their activities engaging, educational, interactive, and fun for kids of all ages. It is our priority to make disciples of Jesus, and our children are a crucial part of this endeavor.


We have activities on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings (during the school year).  From newborn through 4th grade, they have their own music, games, skits, object lessons, crafts and Bible stories. As the kids get older and into the 5th through 12th grades, we have progressively deeper Bible studies dedicated to their own development and maturity as followers of Jesus.  

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After the Service

Feel free to stick around grab another cup of coffee and meet some people.  We'd love to get to know you and your family.


9:00 am - Worship Service

10:30 am - Bible Fellowship

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