Community Hub

Our Memorial community includes having:

  • a shared mission and purpose

  • a shared identity

  • invested and intentional members

  • a fellowship that shares burdens and joys

  • a lot of food, fun, and fellowship

  • a group of people available for each other​


Please download this letter, prayer, and personal guide to help you develop your own plan as a part of the community called Memorial.

Devoted to Community

Challenge #1: Worship​

  1. Where am I in my devotion with God's people studying and applying God's Word?

  2. Where do I want to be?

  3. Where does God want me to be?

  4. What is my first step in getting there?

Message from Pastor John

Challenge #2: Fellowship

  1. Who do you know here in this fellowship?

  2. Who do you not know?

  3. Call someone in this fellowship that you know. Rekindle your friendship.

  4. Call someone in this fellowship that you don't know. Get to know them a little bit more.

  5. Pray and ponder: How is Jesus through these phone calls giving you a portrait of His beautiful fellowship that he's formed and gathered here at Memorial?

Message from Pastor Ben

Our member directory is online (and there's an app!) at If you don't have a picture uploaded to the directory, please consider adding one! It is really helpful to put faces to names and names to faces!

Challenge #3: Sharing Meals

Can I follow up with the person I called last week to invite them out for a meal?


When your on you next family outing to a restaurant invite someone from the fellowship to join you?


What neighbor/coworker/friend outside the fellowship could you invite out for a meal together?

What are you ideas for how we can best go about this challenge of eating out together during this pandemic?

Message from Pastor Ben

Challenge #4:


Nathan Engman challenged us on Sunday: 

  1. Do you have a regular time carved out to be devoted to prayer? 

  2. Pray for someone in the church.

  3. Pray for the Gospel message to be clearly proclaimed with boldness, with urgency, and with clarity.

You can submit prayers and find out about the Echo Prayer app on our prayers page.

We'd love to hear from you on how you are doing with these challenges! Feel free to post on our Memorial Community Facebook Group, or let us know via this quick web-form if you are not on Facebook.

Challenge #5: Sharing

  1. When it comes to the Church and the community of Christ is it about me or we?

  2. Is what we have, is “what’s in our wallet” really ours? If not, whose is it?

  3. What can I do, what can I sacrifice for the community of Christ?

Clip from Pastor John's Message

Challenge #6:

  1. Who is my focus on when I worship?

  2. When I am worshiping Jesus with others, is it Jesus and me or Jesus and we?

  3. How does the "we" in worship help me in my confidence, steadfastness, and hope?

  4. When we are devoted to worship in Spirit and truth together, how can our witness accomplish Jesus’ call to us to make disciples?

Clip from Pastor John's Message