Holy Communion

Many of you have asked about if, when, and how we will be having communion, especially with the extension of our stay at home precautions until the end of April. We plan to celebrate Holy Communion on Maundy Thursday, and then again on Easter Sunday. Though we are apart, we will have the opportunity to come together as the body of Christ, gathered together by the Holy Spirit, and blessed with the means of God’s wonderful grace.


Pastor John and the elders have come up with a way for us to receive the Sacrament with full certainty that we are receiving what Jesus instituted on the night he was betrayed and in a manner that upholds our commitment to Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions.




  • We are asking each household to prepare the elements of bread and wine for their own house. To help in your preparation, we have included a recipe for unleavened bread. If you are not able to prepare these elements or are uncomfortable doing so, you can arrange to pick up the elements from the church. If you cannot pick them up, we will arrange to have them delivered to you.

  • As we celebrate communion, there will be a time of preparation where Pastor John will remind us of what we are about to receive (Christ’s body and blood) and why we receive it (for the forgiveness of sins and the strengthening of our faith).

  • With the elements in front of each of us, whether at church or in the home, we will say together—proclaim together—the words of institution. As we do this together, we are reminded that what we are about to receive is our Lord’s body and blood because Jesus said it is when he first instituted the sacrament.

  • Upon completion of consecrating (setting apart) the elements for this holy supper, distribute the elements among those in your home who have been properly instructed as to the nature of the Lord’s Supper and share our faith concerning the sacrament and its reception. (If there is any question about who should receive the Supper, please speak with Pastor John). Use these words: “Take, eat, the body of Christ given for you. Take, drink, the blood of Christ, shed for you.”

  • After sufficient time is given for all to partake, Pastor John will offer a blessing for all of us as we prepare to conclude our worship.

  • After worship, any unused bread may be kept for a future celebration of the Sacrament. Any elements, bread or wine, that cannot be used again or properly stored should be respectfully disposed of to the ground from which it came.

  • It should also be noted that the celebration of the Lord’s Supper in our homes is intended to be celebrated together as the community of Christ, as it was when instituted. It is not proper to self-administer the Sacrament apart from the community of Christ at a later time.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Pastor John or one of our elders. Additionally, we will take some time during Sunday’s Bible class (4/5/2020) to discuss the gift to us that is the Lord’s Supper.

In regards to the wine:

We use an inexpensive Concord Grape wine or MD 2020 Red Grape wine at church. Essentially, you can use any wine that you like that is also economical.