Class ACTS

You are about to start a journey, a fantastic trip that involves following in the footsteps of our Savior Jesus Christ. As a disciple of Christ you are redeemed in Baptism, proclaimed righteous because of Christ's obedience, given the identity as a child of the Father, forgiven in Word and Sacrament and sent as a missionary in your daily life. 

At Memorial we believe that our disciples are forgiven sinners, called by the Holy Spirit and sent by the Word of Christ to know others, to show them Christ and to tell them of the mercy of God. 

Our Class ACTS series is meant to introduce new disciples at Memorial to our rhythm of relationships with God our Father, with one another in the Body of Christ and with our community. We will learn how are Accepted and Accepting, how we are Cconnected and Connecting, Trained and Training and Served to be Serving - A-C-T-S

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