ACTS Communities

Extending the community of Christ in Katy and beyond, Memorial launches, supports and gathers in missional communities of believers pursuing passionate spirituality, living in radical community and engaging a neighborhood or people group with missional zeal.

ACTS stands for

Accepting; Connecting; Training; Serving.

To learn more about the why, what and how of ACTS Communities read THIS DETAILED NEWSLETTER.

If you are interested in committing to an ACTS community or have a vision for starting your own and reaching a neighborhood or group of people, check out existing ACTS Communities below or contact our ACTS Community Coordinator Vicar Ken Chitwood ( Peace. 


Memorial's current ACTS Communities:


La Familia (“the family,” in Spanish) is a missional community led by Pastor Dimas Jimenez and other leaders from our Hispanic service. They've been meeting for a few months now, seeking to grow deep in their relationships with God and one another, and reach the lost in Katy.



Adelphos (“brothers and/or sisters,” in Greek) will be partnering with a house church ministry in the 3rd Ward led by Pastor John Ojode, a Kenyan by birth. Elizabeth Chitwood & a group of ladies are currently spearheading this project. They are going to serve alongside the Ojodes to provide a multicultural front for the Gospel in the 3rd Ward.



GPS stands for Gathering with a Purpose, purposeful Scattering and will be led by Nathan Engman,  April Ramsey and Linda Lafferty. They meet monthly and are looking to bless Krause Center Staff members in their role serving at risk teenagers in a Katy area residential facility.




The Publicans (a la "town official," known as a tax collector in Jesus' day & as a tavern keeper in the middle ages, hence "The Pub") are not a political group. Instead, they will be seeking to extend the community of Christ in Katy by meeting at No Label Brewing Co. etc. Vicar Ken is leading this one, because he enjoys beer, loves people & is passionate about Jesus and extending his Kingdom.